Monday, 6 October 2008

Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee: Main building

The children's hospital in Berlin-Weißensee was opened in 1911, and closed 1992. It was the first communal childen's hospital in Prussia, and in its early years, until 1920, it had its own cow stables for producing high quality milk for babies in need of breast milk substitute, and also for "milk therapy" for older children.

Since 2005 the complex is privately owned, and an investor is/was supposedly going to build a center for cancer research there. However, the old hospital remains abandoned and is falling further apart each day.

Impressions from the main building:

The wallpaper has a cute pattern suitable for a children's hospital.

Ilan has a nice photo of the red ceiling, though he artsy-snobbishly labels it as "commercial", and is fearfully awaiting Flickr comments like "AWESOME!".

Pressing the camera against the wall in the staircase ...

The graffiti in this room looks really evil.

The roof is falling apart. In the attic, there were some chocolate and soft drink packages as well as empty (to be used for marijuana) or unsmoked but flattened by rain cigarettes. Young people have obviously been using it for a romantic hanging out space.

When we compared photos afterwards, it turned out that both Ilan and I had felt the irresistible urge to climb this ladder and take photos of the higher attic up there in the tower. But in the end my photos didn't turn out to be very interesting ...

Looking at the tower through a window in the attic.

This is probably the in my personal opinion nicest graffiti I have seen in any abandoned building. A lot of it is just unartistic vandalism, anyway.

There should be more oval windows in buildings.

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