Saturday, 5 April 2008


One of the buildings in the complex that have already been renovated is the heating works, which supplied the complex with power and made it entirely self-sufficient on that front. You can visit it in the summer. I have to say the tower looks somehow very ... potent.

The south-eastern section of the complex is off-limits now. There are signs pointing this out, and there were lots of local people around, so trespassing didn't cross my mind. It makes sense that they should begin the work there, since the most well-preserved building - the bath house - is there. It has been used as a location for a few films. In February we couldn't find any way to enter it, save for part of the basement and an inner yard, as it had apparently been bricked up quite well after the last film session with Tom Cruise.
This time I even brought my rock climbing shoes in case climbing the rain pipe from the inner yard to the second floor would seem doable, after all, but now that it's off-limits I didn't have to use them.

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