Monday, 6 October 2008

Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee: New building

This part was added to the complex in the 1980's. Each floor consists of two corridors of patient rooms, built in a kind of panopticon system - there are windows between each room and the nurses could overlook them all from a central position. There are also individual windows from the corridors into the bathrooms, but at "grown-up" level.
I guess that in a children's hospital surveillance was more important than the patients' privacy.

Ilan uploaded a photo with the windows between the patient rooms. We both took photos of this same view using his camera (my camera's batteries had run out by then ... ;_;), but we forgot who took which photo, so there is a possibility that it's taken by me.

The balcony outside the rooms on the second floor, taken with Ilan's camera.


ainur said...

I like the graffiti. It looks like a magical code. There could be something haunting a place like this...

Tinet said...

Heh, when we were in this building Ilan suddenly said, "We have company." The doors were creaking and banging. I went to check it out but I couldn't see anyone, only creaking doors. Especially this one door was creaking incredibly loudly as it slowly moved in the wind. Ilan could have sworn that he had heard voices, but there was no one there.

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