Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Abandoned summer house in Orust, Sweden

An abandoned summer house.

From where my mum lives in the middle of the woods, it's an hour's walk down the hills and through the forests to a small supermarket. Not far from the store you walk along a road on a steep hill with numerous summer houses. One of them has been abandoned for a couple of years now.

Backside of the abandoned house

When Ilan and I passed it by the other day we went to take some photos from outside. I don't know what that curtain on the roof is for.

Frosty windows

"Ice flowers" formed by the frost on the cold window panes.

The back door is blocked with something on the inside.

Something has been dragged in front of the back door to block it. The inner roof seems to have partly fallen down.

Some hairy guy on the porch of the abandoned house.

Some hairy guy taking frosty photos. Note the shower contraption in the corner.


It's still a decent house on a very good location (maybe 2 km from the sea, with a fairly nice view), so I hope the proprietors get their act together and sell it or fix it up themselves before it's too late. Time is running out for this building.

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